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Any STICK MARSH'ers out there?

Planning a trip..got the NAVIONICS chips....Is it a good pointer for where to start fishing? From what I'm reading the edges along the boat channels with hydrilla is how to fish the lake...I know it's a dangerous lake to motor on..how well marked are the boat lanes?

ANY INFO is appreciated

It's 100% Catch and Release right?


  • wareagle85wareagle85 Posts: 164 Officer
    The edges with hydrilla you speak of dont really exist anymore after the hurricanes. There is hydrilla, eelgrass, coontail in the south end of farm 13, I would say about 5-10% of the lake. I would start here (thats where most people go anyway). SE corner has a flow way and with all the rain were having the water will be moving and that usually makes for good fishing. Sometimes the water coming through is of poor quality. If you try the SE corner and arent catching them, I would move on.

    As for navigation, With the water high like it is, I run straight to the point where stick marsh and farm 13 is seperated. Otherwise, the safe bet is to take a left once you enter the lake and go in the channel along the east levee. Keep an eye out for stumps. I pretty much only fast idle south of the pump house/ditch 13.

    Yes Catch-and-Release only.

    Good luck, I wouldnt mind heading out there myself as I think it should be firing off, but I am stubborn and would like to try to get my first bow kill. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Its one of the only places I ever bass fish anymore.
  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 831 Officer
    GREAT!!! THANKS!! I'm like you...into archery right now..planning a Jan/Feb trip around the full moon...I'll PM you...looking forward to it..being catch and reelase...there should be plenty of action. I'm a pitchin/flippin guy here on the St Johns and have the heavy gear ready to roll. I use creature baits w/1 1/2 oz tungston pegged weight and unweighted senko's. You say the Hydrilla is gone..I might not need the heavy punch rig...what do you use?
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,747 AG
    If you are going in Jan/Feb....buy those $20 a dz shiners like everyone else.

    OR... Chug Bug in blue/chrome for topwater attacks on warmer days...OR...12 inch worms. Some like spinnerbaits also.
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