Marathon Report: Sea King Oct 11

My personal maiden voyage aboard the Sea King out of Marathon—75 foot boat, and a whopping 5 people showed up—on a Saturday, a beautiful day as well! We each kicked in a few extra bucks, and got our own personal charter, with all of us fishing the stern! Cleared dock about 9:15, and off we go—couldn’t believe the mega mansions on way out…who lives there?!

Fishing was a bit weird—had the y--tails right behind the boat at first couple of deep spots, but couldn’t get them to bite consistently. Bail balls, no balls, jigs, plain hooks, scatter—didn’t matter—they weren’t in the mood. Did hook what I assume was a big black on the bottom, but he decided to take me to Rockville, and lived to see another day.

After picking at the tails, and all the blue runners you’d ever want, headed to final shallow spot—bout 60 feet. Put down what turned out to be some Captain Bad’s Magic Speedos I had saved from a few weeks ago, and consistent hits every drop. 3Rd drop up comes this bad boy, which we guesstimated at 12-14 #s

Had another one hooked, but didn’t realize Marathon taxes were so bad--Taxman nailed me about 10 feet from boat. All in all, great day. Everybody went home with at least a meal or 2. Beautiful boat, great crew—especially the mate Kelly, who worked his butt off. Had a fine dinner last night…and another dinner for 2 lined up for tonight!

Tight lines all..


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