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Yellowtail 10/20/14

Decided there would be a break in the rain to make a quick run.
Tried to load up at 6:30, torrential rain.
Waited over an hour for the storm to pass. Finally got underway at 8.
Got to the hole in 80 feet of water.
Yellowtails immediately came for the chum. So did the sharks.
Tightened our drags and the race was on, **** sharks are fast.
Got 20 keepers in about 2 hours.
Moved to a mutton spot, got set up. Looked over my shoulder to see funnel clouds. Decided it was a good time to head to the barn.
Back at the dock at 11:30, barely ahead of the storms that followed.
Sorry no pictures.
John :USA
2006 38 Luhrs IPS600, A true 38, the only one made with IPS!
2001 23 Parker



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