Steinhatchee last week

10/11 fishing was tough to say the least. Weather and water were great just never really found the fish. Ended the day with only 4 trout and 1 blue to keep.

10/12 More of the same and fewer fish. Fished west toward Keaton both days.

10/15 Night time mullet. Went out with one of my commercial buddies and netted around 65 lbs around midnight. My first ever mullet fishing experience, it could be addictive if you could use real nets. I see now why the net guys complain so much about the legal nets required now. Hard to catch much.

10/17 Decided to try Keaton since the Hatch didn't cooperate last weekend. Fished over around Dekle and managed 6 trout from 17-20 and 2 seabass amongst many shorts and lady fish. Live pins in 4 ft seemed to be the ticket. Water was very clear with a lot of floating grass.

10/18 Headed south out of the Hatch to try our luck. Started at Pepperfish and worked our way back. Tried a new to me spot inside Pepperfish key and paid off. 2 trout 23-23.5 and 2 reds, one 26.75 in and 6.9 lbs biggest keeper red on my boat to date, the other was 23 in. Also bluefish and flounder caught there. Water was very stained but no floating grass. Cut bait was the bait of choice. 2.5-3 ft water.


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    Thanks for the report BIL.
    Just an old ,fat man that likes to fish
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