24ft Bay Boat Owners- How shallow have you found your self running your boat??

h2ofanatich2ofanatic Posts: 56 Greenhorn
Ive had a 22' Shearwater now a 20' Shearwater and Ive had the tide go out on me a couple times, ran through some seriously skinny water! (Jack Plate up on 6) I swear from the helm it looked like it was 6" deep! But im sure it was a little more..
So I really want to step up to a 24' bay so I can enjoy some light offshore fishing, but im afraid of getting trapped on the flats, anyone run into a situation that they were surprised they made it through? Again looking for 23-24' bay boat range.



  • PtsrhenryPtsrhenry Posts: 256 Deckhand
    There is a sand bar out there with your name on it regardless of your boat size. Just get the bigger boat and be smart about how you operate it.
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    My Skeeter '24 drafts 2to 3 inches more than my Action craft 1890 model. I am very happy with my ZX24V with a 300 Yama
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    I have heard my 24' yellowfin will run in pretty shallow stuff, however I have never tried to run it in less than a foot. On a fast falling tide I will bug out a little early. I would prefer to save my prop, skeg and the oyster bars than to risk it by staying an extra 30 minutes. As you get to know your boat, you will learn when you need to move, just comes with experience. Also, never fish a new flat on a falling tide.
  • Mark O.Mark O. Posts: 3,407 Captain
    Ptsrhenry wrote: »
    There is a sand bar out there with your name on it regardless of your boat size. Just get the bigger boat and be smart about how you operate it.
    haha well said and so true. I have been left high and dry in a canoe.
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    Ran a 24 yellowfin for a few years, and sped over some pretty shallow places (less than a foot above the sea grass). It really depends on how big the area is where you're going to run that shallow, if there's a easy way out, if the tide is coming in/out, or if there's a channel near by that you know you can sneak into so you can get back up on step again. When running super skinny, just always give yourself a way out in case you think you're about to get stuck. I have a 23 dorado now and it seems to run just as shallow, if not shallower than the yf24. If it's a short cut, it can be a really expensive short cut unless you know exactly what the tide is doing, and/or what the spot looks like on low tide (no structure you can hit). Typically, I'll stick to the channel unless there's just a small section of shallow water that I know I can get over to save me a little time throughout the day.
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  • h2ofanatich2ofanatic Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the replies. It's a choice between fishing only high tides or knowing where your going!
  • blewitupsirblewitupsir Posts: 774 Officer
    I routinely idle around areas of the glades in 1' of water on my 24' proline flatback. Motors on a portabracket and I can run the bottom of the skeg even with the stern. With the long setback she's still getting water.
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    I keep a push pole in the boat just incase, I've got into inches and that wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for those darn oysters.
  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 994 Officer
    I can get my Sheaffer into 15"-16" using the trolling motor and with the Porta Bracket trimmed all the way up if I idle. I always look for deeper water before I jump up on plane.
  • RudefishRudefish Posts: 148 Officer
    My 23' Shoalwater with a tower will run in 4-6".
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