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9/25 PE deep droppin

Put together a crew of lucky7team2 (Ernie), Dougmays (Doug) & myself. SnookyJ never showed.....lol!
We hit 15th St a little later than planed due to someones GPS not um...working properly, then calling the land line and waking the wife to ask for directions..... which got us caught up at the lovely FEC railway for an extra long Sunday am train.
While splashing the boat there was a crew of guys getting a citation from Ft Lauderdales finest & we overheard that their trip was gonna be canceled due to whatever infraction they had. Just a reminder to all to make sure your fire extinguishers, flares, other safety gear is in order & not expired.
Cleared the inlet with clear sky to the NE & south showers offshore & to the south.
Plans were to hit the same areas I've been working the last few weeks to catch some vermillion, tiles & maybe a snowy. We did a little trolling while I got the rigs set up & assessed the current. We picked up a double header bonita & kept one for bait. The three of us worked very well together, two of us would drop chicken rigs while the other worked the vertical jig. Doug was off to a running start with the first verm in the box but that was soon to end. After that Doug put on a mudfish (bank sea bass) clinic showing us that he could catch them on nearly any thing he put down including the diamond jig that was larger than they were!!!! Ernie said that for every one he caught he was negative one fish, it's gonna take a few trips to catch up!
We worked an area in 320' & caught several keepers. I had a vermee get eaten by what was probably a warsaw but I couldn't get the hook to find a landing spot & lost it. We moved out to some deeper waters & went down to just one rig as we would be taking turns on the reel. First drop yielded two fat 6lb blueline tiles. Things were uneventful for the next 3 drops with just a couple more tiles. Ernie notice I had a spot just north of where we were ending our drifts & said lets ride this one up to the next spot. We did just that but nothing, I told Ernie to start bringing it up so we could run back to the numbers & just as he started to BANG it hit! He got a good bite & the hook stuck. He & Doug took turns reeling up. I had an idea of what it was but didn't want to jinx it. Sure enough once we had color I knew it! SNOWY!!!!!


We tried a few more drops but had no luck. On our way out I showed the guys some wrecks back inside in 212' & Ernie wanted to do battle with an AJ. So we trolled our way back in since there was no hurry, there was a large thunderstorm sitting over the inlet & we managed to stay dry other than sweating. Once we got there Ernie fired down the jig, not even two twitches & he's double over into the fight. Brought up a nice 20lb AJ that came home too, not one worm either! After that we wrapped things up & headed for the inlet. Made a quick stop at 15th St fuel dock for some more beer.....to help clean the fish.

Saw Fitz pull up to the ramp as we were leaving & they had a cooler full of dolphin! I heard you on the radio earlier in the day wanting to trade beer for fish & I hailed you but never heard back. You guys need should bring more ice....:icon10

Great day on the water & we all left with a bag-o-filets!!! Thanks guys!

Made it home with enough time to watch the other mudfish loose.....

Tonight's dinner
Black quinoa, steamed asparagus & snowy grouper....... yum!



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