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9/25/11 PE Inlet Liminted out

Got a late strait cleared the PE Inlet at 9am. Ran to 600 and set out the trolling gear. Got slammed right away Dorado!!! Angelo reeled him in and he brought a bunch of friends so we lift him right out there to keep them coming. As my friend Allwaysforward would say it was a CHINESE FIRE DRILL. There was blood and fish flying ever were. 10:45 we had limited out on mahi mahi. We started just catching them for fun. 22 out of 28. Got back to the ramp and the FWC was sitting there. Seen the boat covered in blood and wanted to know if we caught any fish. Just had to laugh as I said yeah a few.

Traded two for a six pack.
Made this one tell me were his friends were hiding.
May you be heaven half an hour before the :devil knows your dead. :Rockon:Rockon:Rockon


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