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A Seminole homeowner association president's mailbox has exploded following a notice sent to association residents who were non-compliant with a brick mailbox requirement.

Pinellas County Sheriff's detectives responded to the home of Wind Tree Oaks Home Owners Association president Gerard Esposito after receiving a report that his mailbox exploded around 1:45 p.m. Friday.

According to deputies, HOA management company sent notices to residents who were non-compliant with the HOA requirement of having a brick mailbox.

Officials said Esposito's wife, Deborah Esposito, heard a loud explosion outside their home. When she looked outside, she saw their brick mailbox was partially blown away.

Deputies said they smelled black powder when they arrived at the home. No one was injured and there was no other property damage involved.

Officials have not determined what type of device was used. Deputies have not named a suspect at this time.
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