Towing In Charlotte harbor

Just wondering who has the best coverage in the harbor?


  • TowBoat U.S. Charlotte Harbor has been owned and operated by my family in this area for over 20 years. I would be glad to discuss your towing options with you and answer any questions you may have.
    Kyle Potts - 239-283-6060
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    MikeM8560 wrote: »
    Just wondering who has the best coverage in the harbor?

    Well in my opinion, in the Charlotte Harbor area, you are surrounded by some pretty good companies. Charlotte Harbor TowBoat US and Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor both have excellent reputations.

    I personally use Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor so I can only comment on them. I have gotten to know the folks at Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor over the last few years and really like their personnel and operations. I'm not up to date on the services that TowBoat US has, but I like the other services that Sea Tow offers such as Trailer Care (I think that’s what it is called). For an additional $15 it covers my trailer to and from the boat ramp. That $15 policy saved my butt going to the Keys one year on Alligator Alley with a blow out.

    Tight lines!
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    Hanks kyle. Capt Larry dropped on some info at my place.
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    Not going to say which coverage I have, but will say that from what I have seen, both companies provide excellent coverage and service in the Charlotte Harbor and surrounding areas - and both have excellent reputations.
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