Fall Peppers

I've got three jalapeno plants and 13 datil plants still making peppers. First year I've grown datil's. Made some Datil sauce from I FA DAT's recipe. I did tweak it a little with tamarind. I've been drying the last few pickings to use in recipes.



Question, It's going to get down into the upper 40's this weekend. Do I need to bring the pots in or just cover the plants?

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  • I FA DATI FA DAT Posts: 553 Officer
    Hey Robert, Nice crop! They should be fine as far as not getting burnt. However the coolness might tell them to stop producing peppers. This is just a guess though. I don't move mine inside unless it freezes. That's not very often in my region.
  • AbelmanAbelman Posts: 1,853 Captain
    Looks good Robert! That's a fine mess of datils.

    I'm with Trey on the plants. We're in that time of year out here where it's getting pretty cold every night. All my peppers are planted in the ground. They slow down a bit but are otherwise fine this time of year. They will be until the first hard freeze. Then, they look dead and wilted as if they had been dead for a week or so. It's really kind of amazing.

    The only time I ever cover them is at night in the spring when we have a cold night and they have just been planted. Or, when we have hail. Mature plants will fine in the 40's, no problem.
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  • rbricklerbrickle Posts: 239 Officer
    Thanks Pete. They are on my porch which has a concrete floor. It absorbs a good bit of heat during the day so I guess they will be warm enough. I lust want to keep these babies for a few years and want to take good care of them.

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  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,043 AG
    Got a mess of Banana Peppers and one Pablano plant. I will leave them in the ground for this cool snap.

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