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Duck Hunters please read XX wide Duck boat for sale

I have decided to sell my duck boat to someone who has the time to use it. She is an aluminum riveted 16'. 5'wide at the water line and 7' at the gunnel. She is powered with a Merc 50 tiller steer, electric start as well as trim and tilt.
she sits on a single axle Float on aluminum trailer. The floor and decking were removed at the end of last years duck season for a needed redo. I have 2 sheets of 1.5" blue foam to insulate the floor but have to come to realization I will not have time to finish or use this duck season. Engine has been serviced this week for the upcoming season with the carbs cleaned, impeller changed as well as new switch box and stator just for good measure. Took me a year and half to find her and after 2 great seasons its time.
Posting Pics are problematic on here for me but will be happy to text anyone interested. Looking for $4K or preferably trading for a very clean Side by side with =/+/- cash money to boot. Thanks in advance

561 644 7603


  • MojitoMojito Posts: 222 Officer
    Bump, No one is looking for a super wide duck boat?
  • MosesMoses Posts: 1,203 Officer
    Mojito wrote: »
    Bump, No one is looking for a super wide duck boat?

    You might want to PM TT33T. :rotflmao
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