New to me 2004 Gheenoe

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It all started when I found a 10hp Honda 4 stroke at a garage sale with a price I couldn't pass up. The only decision was to freshen it up and resell it for a couple hundred profit or... find something to put it on. I already have an 18' boat that we use frequently, but I can't get into shallow water with it. So it was a pretty easy decision. After a few weeks of looking I found this one.

I have had it out 3 times now and love it. We also have kayaks which are fun and obviously able to get shallow but the paddling is getting hard on my back after a couple hours, and I can't stand up in it. The Gheenoe is completely different. Standing is not a problem, in fact I spend most of my time standing. I do sit though for anything above idle speed. My balance isn't that great.

It didn't come with a trailer so that was my next quest. I found this homemade one for a decent price and with a little customization I was ready to go boating. I still need to get the winch post welded into the new location, but with as light as Gheenoes are it's not a problem pulling it onto the trailer by hand. I also want to move the axle to the very back of the frame and install guide posts with the lights mounted high. All that for another week.

The first thing I did was mount a seat on a swivel base. That lasted 2 trips before the swivel got loose and the seat started digging into the bench. Apparently a previous owner had the same issue because most of the damage was existing. That is totally unacceptable, I'm not going to let a seat tear up my boat so I decided to go with some new seat post bases, front and rear. My wife was complaining that I didn't have a seat up front for her. I was going to put the front one on too, but the jack nuts were stripped out. I ordered a batch of jack nuts for the new seat mounts and for the removable front deck.

I was telling my wife about the front deck I want to make and her first question was "Will it be removable for when we go river running together?", of course I said yes. Now to figure out how to make it sturdy yet easily removable. This is what I came up with.

I have a hatch cover on order to fill the access hole. I considered just hinging the cutout but like the sturdiness of a true hatch. It is held in place by 2 screws into jack nuts I installed in the bench and there is a front support attached to the plywood templated to fit the hull. I also drilled access for the seat post to go in.

I considered glassing the plywood, but since it is so easily removable, I'm not concerned about it weathering and I'm just going to paint it. Yes the screws on the one picture are sticking out of the wood and could hurt someone while handling. I am going to cut them flush with the wood before I paint.

What do y'all think?


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    you could always use some thinned epoxy as your first coat to help seal the wood for some extra longevity.

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    Is that marine grade plywood? If not I would stain it or seal it at a minimum.

    Another product you may want to look at for the wood is called Durabak. I used it on the wood floor of my old bass tracker. It seals the wood and also give you some traction for anti-slip.
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    I think you have a great rig there. Nice customization. Some have been built at the factory with similar deck arrangement.
    Show us more photos once painted etc!
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    take a look at it is a great forum and a lot of good info on the highsider or 15'4" gheenoe that you have
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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I have been to, in fact this is a duplicate of a post I made there.

    I probably will seal the ply with epoxy before painting. I have some left over from another project and it would probably be just about the right amount.

    I'll post more pics after I get the next phase done.
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    do I see drywall screws ???
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    No drywall screws, coated deck screws.
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    If you use it in salt water you should use nothing but SS, even those will rust eventually.
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    It's been a few weeks but I finally have the hatch finished. I used up some epoxy resin that I had left from another project and gave the plywood with two coats, after that I put two coats of the Rustoleum Marine Topside paint that Lowes sells with a third coat on the top with anti-skid additive. I think it turned out very well. BTW, I did replace the deck screws with SS before epoxy coating everything.


    I also added giude posts to the trailer and relocated the lights to them.


    And I made a stake out pole. I ordered 3/4" solid fiberglass rods from Amazon .


    I ordered 2 to save a little bit on shipping and made one for my other boat also. I epoxied a PVC plumbing tee to the top for a handle/place to loop a line through and took the belt sander to the other end to make a point.


    I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it should work a whole lot better than the green plant stakes I tried previously. . Those are a hollow steel tube coated with plastic and bent rather than flexed.
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    That's a nice rig.
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    Nice i have one the same year
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