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New to SW FL and looking to hunt

Hello everyone,
I am new to SW FL, well FL in general. Moved down last year to get a teaching job. Have hunted and fished my whole life and was not able to get out at all last year. I honestly have no idea where to even start since I live in Ft. Myers. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have been reading about the WMAs and visited babcock near Punta Gorda but not sure it it is worth it. Are you allowed to put up ladder stands? can you leave them in a spot or are climbers better. Looking to hunt anything hogs, turkey, deer, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • pbsnookerpbsnooker Posts: 882 Officer
    The area around you Cecil Webb/Babcock are quota only hunting, you put in for permits the first of June and several other phases. It has a weekend archery season and a nine day general gun season. It's a nice place to hunt has some decent game but does get a little crowded for those few weekends. It does have some great dove and snipe hunting though. Go to myfwc.com and familiarize yourself with the permit procedures and dates of applications. There are some great areas within a couple hours of you but most are quota only.
  • pbsnookerpbsnooker Posts: 882 Officer
    Quotas for Webb are for deer/hog only not the migratory birds
  • Ruthless MillerRuthless Miller Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Thanks! I guess I'll have to go old fashioned and ask farmers and land owners like back in PA.
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 7,517 Admiral
    Thanks! I guess I'll have to go old fashioned and ask farmers and land owners like back in PA.

    This will work, Just have the cash hanging out of your pocket and blowing out the truck door when you open it.
    You want it to look like a Snow Storm , only with Hundreds $...and don't forget your American Express.....
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • AgentXAgentX Posts: 584 Officer
    Thanks! I guess I'll have to go old fashioned and ask farmers and land owners like back in PA.

    Let us know how that works out for you. Good luck. Learn the quota system and a WMA close to you. Best bet. Unless your dumping $$$ for a lease.
    The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare....
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,625 AG
    Thanks! I guess I'll have to go old fashioned and ask farmers and land owners like back in PA.

    What the others are trying to say is that unlike up north, most farms are "corporate" and not family farms in south Florida....and that means you are not getting on.

    You will need to learn the permit game and you will wind up traveling some distance from home.
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • eorlandoeorlando Posts: 560 Officer
    Small world. I am a teacher in Fort Myers as well. Where do you teach at? I can help you out with any questions you might have. Feel free to give me a call or PM me. 239-225-3093
  • PalmettoKidPalmettoKid Posts: 847 Officer
    Drive North.
    No Shortcuts. No Excuses. No Regrets.
    Bobjr86 wrote: »
    Ok so i hunted florida for my first time yesterday and have to say i was really disappointed.
  • Ruthless MillerRuthless Miller Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Well I guess things are certainly different than the north, all we had to do was ask and bring by some of the meat, help them out during snow storms, or with other chores. I guess Ill be buying some snake boots and spending a lot of time during the spring in the cecil babccok WMA. Thanks for all the help guys. Ill keep ya posted how the old fashioned way works out. Cant hurt to ask.
  • Ruthless MillerRuthless Miller Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Im at Gateway Charter middle school how about you? Moved down here last summer and haven't had a chance to really get out a look for some areas yet. Going to try to spend the winter and spring putting my time in the woods and learning this quota system I guess.
  • Mort00Mort00 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I was recently in the same boat you are, coming down here from Wisconsin. I'm just south of you in Naples and can help you with all your WMA questions now. I spent a large amount of time trying to figure out the confusing system down here and have come to understand it quite well. The WMA's in our area can be very good. The following are a list of areas in and around Lee and Collier Counties:

    Babcock Ranch Preserve
    -smaller quota numbers and maybe a little better deer than Babcock/Webb
    -Charlotte County
    Babcock Webb
    -fairly easy to draw deer quota especially with reissued tags but can be over crowded
    -Charlotte County
    Big Cypress
    -very very wet but can find some nice deer and turkey...
    -this year it has an archery only December deer season with no quota in the Deep Lake Region
    -Collier, Dade, Monroe Counties
    -don't know much about but was drawn for gun quota this year
    -Lee and Collier Counties
    Dinner Island
    -don't know mush about yet but hope to hunt there at some point...heard good things
    -Hendry County
    Fisheating Creek
    -Glades County
    -have not hunted yet
    Okaloacoochee Slough
    -Collier and Hendry County
    -have not hunted yet
    Picayune Strand
    -Can be wet during Deer but archery season included Antlerless deer...nice doe
    -also make sure to get your turkey tag for this area
    -Collier County
    Spirit of the Wild
    -No not owned by Ted Nugent
    -have not hunted
    -Hendry County

    Now, this is only a list of the areas around here, however there are places all over the state if you are willing to drive. Public land here can be fun and successful...but be prepared, the deer down here are nothing like the midwest.
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