Public land Success.

My buddy got a permit for 2nd archery at my favorite wma that I have hunted for years. He has never killed anything with his bow so I said I think I can put the deer in front of you. So the first hunt we could make was the Thursday evening hunt. I put him on my favorite spot which is a place with persimmons all around the stand and they were dropping. I hunted a funnel in the thick stuff that normally produces. I shot a big ole doe at 6 yards at 7:15 that evening and she didnt make it 5 yards. Another guy shot a spike 150 yards south of my buddy. So he was thinking he wasnt going to kill anything. Well the next morning came and I said go hunt my funnel stand and Ill go hunt another area. My plan was to let anything walk until the last evening unless it was a monster. I get a text at 7:35 that says 6 point down come get me. I call my buddy and he is so excited he can barely talk. I am so happy I could put one of my best buds on his first bow kill. Both deer where shot in the exact same spot at 6 yards. Gotta love bow hunting not much better to get you pumped. Here is a few pics of the entry and exit on my big doe and pics of his 6pt and him. I sure love my nap bloodrunner 2 blades; Ive been shooting them 3 years and never had a deer make it past 40 yards yet.


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