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Peacock Bass - where can I catch these in the Keys

Hi Guys,
In Jan during my trip to Florida Keys my friend and I would like the chance to catch Peacock Bass and Snakehead.

We are staying Mid Keys, but will have a car for the duration of our trip and hopefully a small boat during the last 5 days there.

I have been reading much about these fish and the lures used to catch them, but would like to know the best or easiest location where we might try our hand at catching them in relation to Ramrod Key.

Are these species targeted much by you guys as a non-native invasive species and what are the rules and regulations on catching them?
Do they have to be removed and killed like Lion Fish?
I understand Snakehead are very destructive to native species.

Appreciate your replies as usual.
Catch and release some fish
There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.


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