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tanacom 1000 maintenance

hey guys just got back from a 3 day deep drop trip and wanted to know how to clean this Tanacom 1000 thoroughly???Pretty much don't want to open anything up but after rinsing with fresh water where do I lube or spray the reel and cord???thanks


  • y0rascaly0rascal Posts: 36 Deckhand
    I have a tanacom 1000, there is no maintenance, it has a sealed housing. as far as I know.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    y0rascal wrote: »
    I have a tanacom 1000, there is no maintenance, it has a sealed housing. as far as I know.

    Ok...so how about the male and female connection?do we need to grease it?How about the metal bar that runs the levelwind?Thats out in the open.I think that needs to be lightly greased up to avoid corrosion.I called a daiwa service guy and he said that I can spray wd-40 or reel magic lightly over the whole reel and reel grease in the connections ,but honestly he sounded kinda up in a cloud.
  • FlagtailsFlagtails MiamiPosts: 577 Officer
    I use Corrosion X on all of my reels.

    If you know where Miami Fishing Supply is on 27 Ave. here in Miami, go and see Elias. They ship a lot of those reels overseas. The reels come with a special spray made by Daiwa that is used for maintenance. When they ship the reels they have to take the bottle out of the box otherwise the reels cannot be shipped by plane.

    Elias just keeps the cans in the shop and usually just gives them away. I think that this would be your best bet.

  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 240 Deckhand
    electrical connections - use a dielectric grease for better connections not regular grease. May also want to oil the track for the level wind that gets exposed to the salt spray. The metal adjoining the plastic parts can corrode if the paint is chipped, otherwise I do not see much corrosion on the Bulls/Megatwins.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Thanks guys,I will go see Elias this weekend,he is good ppl
  • XafXaf Posts: 1,088 Officer
    According to the manual you rinse and wipe dry. No need to lube or spray the reel with anything. They do recommend greasing the plug. I bought some Electrical anti-oxidant grease to put on mine. Just a word to the wise, the cord seems to be the weakest part of the setup. Mine quit working (broken wire in plug) after 3 trips. Talked to several other people who had the same problem. I recommend buying a spare and carrying it with you when fishing.
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