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FJ Drag clicker

superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
I was curious about the springs in the drag clickers. is there some other "tougher" spring i can put in there???
i just got a 1000 FJ a few weeks ago, caught a lot of snook on it, then hooked up to a little tarpon and set the hook too hard, spun the drag out like crazy, then the tarpon went for a run, clicker went silent. checked it out when i got home, spring snapped, shoot, okay, lesson learned, keep the drag tighter.

waiting on the spring to come in to replace. so in the meantime, i took the spring from my 3000, labeled as the same part for the 1000-2500-3000, went out today bass fishing, hooked up a branch, trying to wiggle it loose, clicker went out. took the spool off, looks like this spring bent and partially popped above the screw. i did a little bending and tweaking when i got home, and got it back in there clicking, but im not sure how long this will last.

never had a problem with this spring in my 3000 for the last 3 years ive been using it, never had a problem with my 4000 clicker ever. this 1000 is problematic. not mentioning the bail not flipping over smoothly, i just took the trip bar out since i close the bail by hand anyway, but yeah.

any tips other than maybe set the drag even tighter?

im thinking maybe some kinda little washer between the screw and spring to kind of keep it in place.
because im going to be pretty upset if when i buy 2 new springs to get everything up and running again, another one bends or snaps. regardless of them being like $.50 cents or whatever. i dont like the silent drags.


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