So I finally got to go do some fishing with my son again. Its' really cool seeing them grow up into responsible, well intentioned adults, but at 18 yrs old he has other things on his mind besides fishing with dad, namely girls, so needless to say we have less fishing time together. But this wknd is all about us hanging out together, going fishing and watching some football and baseball.

So last night decided to try and fish some of the nearby weirs before dark even though it was still raining. We had only about 45 minutes to fish, but it was good bite. My sons' first cast with an artificial was a 21 inch Snook. His second cast ended in a monster Bluegill! By the time we were done my son managed another Snook, a nice Bass, and two Tarpon, while I lost 3 Snook.

So fast forward to this morning. We got up early and launched while it was still dark and caught about a dozen and a half pins and 3 dozen white bait and headed to an area that I've seen loaded with reds lately. The first 20 minutes we could Reds swimming around in a small school and Snook busting baits nearby, but no luck.

Then the bite started and didn't end till approximately 2 hours later when we ran out of bait. At one point we had 5 double-headers going one after the other! In the end we scored 25 Reds and of course what would a fishing trip be without at least 1 Catfish. The Reds averaged between 27.5 and 31 inches, though we did manage to get a 27 and a 25.5 for tonight's dinner, and we were off the water by 1030.


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