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243 WSSM Winchester 95gr BallistcSilver Tip Ammo..... Any one seen any out there?

243 WSSM Winchester 95gr Ammo..... Anyone seen any out there?

Thank you,

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  • abacofeverabacofever Posts: 377 Officer
    No. Listed as overdue on Midway. None listed on Gunbot. I was thinking about building an upper for my AR in .243 WSSM some time ago.
    Now rethinking and most likely just going with .243 Winchester in the larger AR configuration. No need for another caliber. Especially one you can't get. Good luck.
  • eddyeddy Posts: 162 Deckhand
    I have several boxes of Winchester 100gr at home, just want to try the 95gr BalisticSilver tips to see if I can get a tighter group at 100yrds.

    I actually went to a local walmartlast night, and picked up 1 lonely box that had been sitting on the shelve for close to a year.. we'll see if they group tighter.

    I'm on gunbot daily, some on gunbroker have, but they are asking ridiculous prices, over $100 per box of 20.

    Tell you what, its one HOT round!

    Stay safe
    NRA Member :USA
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