WHAT A DAY 9/28/14 PE

The plan was to get some kings for the smoker and
make it a short day.Well that all changed we had our
limit of 6 kings by 8.Put out the trolling spread and
headed east left 1 planer out.At 300ft planer gets
hit hard fish off then rigger gets hit sail on then
port rigger hit another sail jumped off both.Set back
up about 600ft find some weed hook up to a 10lb
mahi coming to the boat nice darts behind the boat and
jumps off:banghead.Set back up and 700 spinner with
small rattle jet gets nailed battle begins after some good runs
fish got tail wrapped was a 12lb skippy. At 1100 we find a
rip this is were it gets crazy,we got 3 wahoo 1 that sky rocked
the rattle jet twice got him but released as was only about 5 lbs.
Trolled the rip and got 5 mahi up to 10 lbs and jumped a few off.
One mahi we had on was nailed all could do was hold on
there was no stopping it. Since we had a box full of fish
started to troll in at 600ft double on 8lb blackfin and a 5lb skippy.
The mahi bite has been good between the 53 and 50 line.


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