Incoming or Outgoing Tide

Can any of you experienced inshore fishermen around the treasure coast tell me if the incoming or outgoing tide is more productive? I plan to mainly target snook, but trout, and reds would welcome as well. Thanks!


  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Here's where a daily logbook comes in handy. There are species that are found in some areas on the incoming tide and some areas where they are better on the outgoing tide. When you catch fish, make a note of where and what the tide was doing. In a year or so, you'll see a pattern start to develop, depending on how often you get out to fish. Mostly though, tidal movement has its effects on the bait and where it goes, predators follow.
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    Thanks for your input!
  • TaylorDogTaylorDog Posts: 68 Greenhorn
    Hes right. I keep notes on my common spots and Im always asked this question. Its quite simple the more time you put in on the water the more you learn!
  • Colorado TroutbumColorado Troutbum Posts: 102 Officer
    Hey Pescador, there are several books out there which may help too, few are great, some good, some not so much, don’t quote me on this but I believe this one provides a decent overview on tidal strategy that will help get you on fish in the short term and get a productive log/pattern built quicker; Fish Florida Saltwater: Better Than Luck - The Foolproof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing, Boris Amov … I say don’t quote me ‘cause I am in the office with my stack of books on my shelf at home so I can’t confirm 100% if it is the one I remember or not.
    To Permit Rat’s point, & your question, it’s not so much about being better or worse when incoming or outgoing, it has it’s impacts but ultimately they will be where the food is, & where it is easiest on them to get to it, meaning if you have a rapid outgoing tide zipping through a narrow inlet or cut in a flat, it’s likely there will be predators situated to take advantage of what gets flushed into those areas while the same spot 6 hours later may be barren because those fish you caught moved to hunt more productive areas as the tide comes up.
    Beyond that, study snook, reds & trout tendencies/habits, it will help maximize your chances when you’re on the water to determine where to go, what to use, and how to use it.
  • pescador83pescador83 Posts: 362 Officer
    Thanks for the info guys!
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