Hillsboro Inlet 9-27-14 report: Dinner and a show

Went out with my brother on Saturday morning and was hoping to run way offshore to find some big weedlines but it was a little rougher than planned. We got out to about 850 feet off Hillsboro inlet and found some small scattered weed patches. We got a hit on a ballyhoo with an islander skirt and then the fish spit it but we could see something following it. Then a naked ballyhoo gets hit, we let it run a little longer and set the hook...billfish on! First we thought it was a small marlin but then when it got closer, saw it was a sailfish. It put on a good show and I have never caught one so far out. We had a successful tag and release. We decided to troll a little further out and found lots of scattered weeds about 950 feet, 8-10 miles out. We found a small cooler floating where we netted a triple tail but nothing else on it. Trolled for a while longer and went by a barrel...triple header! Got a dolphin and a bar jack on lures and lost one dolphin. Make a second pass and same result. Our plan was to go and chunk bait on it after that, but we lost sight of the barrel after our second hookup. We searched for it but it was too rough to find it. Trolled on and went by a turtle, got another mahi and a second one spit the hook right by the boat. Went by the turtle again and we got hooked up and lost both of them. The turtle went down so we trolled a little more with no luck. We headed in about 11am since we got some dinner. There should be some great weedlines out there once the wind dies down but we were clearing weeds and resetting constantly yesterday due to them being so scattered.


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