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Bulk Ice and E-Free around Islamorada/Tavernier

My wife and are coming back down to stay the week of October 4-11 at the Futura Yacht Club in Tavernier. We stayed for our honeymoon last year and enjoyed it so much we decided to re-book immediately for the same week this year.

I had a problem finding E-Free gas last year anywhere near our condo. The only station that carried it off the water (to my knowledge) within a reasonable drive was down at the time. We ended up trailering to Marathon one day and found some on our way. Can anyone point me in the direction of a gas station currently selling it within a reasonable drive north or south? We'll be coming in on Friday morning, so at the very least I'd like to fill up on our way south.

Also, do you all know of any "Twice the Ice" machines in the area? I don't recall seeing any on our last trip down, but they're great for getting bulk ice at a reasonable cost. We've got them all over the place up here in N.Fla and for $2 you get a 20 lb dump. More than anything it's the convenience of loading up a ton of ice and not worrying whether or not you'll actually use it. I'm dragging down a 20' Pathfinder and we plan to TRY to sneak out a day or two for some BFT. If I've got to load up with $50 in ice from the Tom Thumb and then dump it, it sure stings even worse when your WX'd out.

Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to post up reports from our trip!

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