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Duck Hunting w/ Flats Skiff??

swampguyswampguy Posts: 8 Greenhorn
Anyone ever hunt w/ a flats skiff? Have a 16' flats skiff and looking to duck hunt some central FL water bodies this year. The skiff is whitish in color. Wondering if anyone else uses a flats boat and how you go about camouflaging it for duck hunting. Thanks for any input!


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,493 AG
    You would be best served using your skiff as the transport vessel for either a small canoe..or best would be a "bender"
    The skiff will transport you at high speed to near where you need to go..the duck boat can be used to get in tight shallow spots..or as a layout style rig which is deadly

    Look at " Hellbender boats"..... This is how you hunt ducks successfully http://www.gotohellbender.com/

    A skiff could be used but it is not a great option...look for an army surplus OD green parachute...some airboaters use them along with some natural vegitation from the spot they are at.
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  • ecueagleecueagle Posts: 478 Officer
    I have hunted out of a Carolina Skiff most of my life. We typically hang cargo netting or burlap over the sides to cover the white shine. Add in some wax myrtles and you are pretty well hidden. Last year my brother made a wood frame that fits just inside the gunwhales and he hung burlap then attached Myrtles to that and it worked very well in Eastern North Carolina. Otherwise get a kayak and ditch the boat a hundred yards from where you want to set up.

    Good Luck.
  • Derek ArsuaDerek Arsua Posts: 2,474 Officer
    I know people that have it's doable in some cases but they use burlap to cover the decks and sides while hunting it's not ideal but will get you hunting.
  • awFSUducksawFSUducks Posts: 256 Deckhand
    i hunted out of a 18foot sterling flats skiff for two years. We always did well covering it with burlap sacks and using shoreline cover to help conceal the boat.
  • hunterjwhunterjw Posts: 412 Deckhand
    I use an 11' Boston whaler that is White. Works just fine. Cheapest and easiest way-

    Step1: Go to Home depot and buy a green planket (plant blanket- they have all sides I would recommend getting larger size)
    Step2: Buy camo netting- enough to cover over boat (not the screen kind but the stuff that looks is leafy)
    Step3: Cut Palms for higher cover- can stick in rod holders, mud in front of boat if shallow etc.

    Good luck. This should cost about $40-50 bucks. The purpose of the green planket is to create a dark base. With only leafy camo or netting the white parts of the boat will show. Leafy stuff and palms breaks the rest up over the dark planket. I tried camo burlap first on the boat but it will bleed through and stain the white boat.
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  • Silent snookerSilent snooker Posts: 378 Deckhand
    I hunted out of a 18 ft ranger bass boat with all the glitter and shine in the world my first year. Like everyone else said. Cover as much as you can with camo burlap or plant blanket like said above and as much natural vegetation as you need.( palm fronds, reeds,etc) that is cheap and effective.

    If you have money to spend (assuming you have a poling platform) then order two sheets of the camo netting the 3d leafy kind is my favorite. Zip tie one corner of each sheet to the top back of your poling plat form on each side then take two pieces of 2 in pvc pipe (length depends on depth of water) and hammer them into the mud on each side near the bow of the boat. Zip tie the other end of the netting to the top of the pvc pipe. Now you have a blind covering most of your boat. I will try to find some old pictures I have to describe it better.
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,107 Moderator
    Guy here always has these 60' green / camo parachutes for sale on CL.

    Granted you'd still need to break it up with some vegetation, but at this size you could very quickly cover all the white glass.

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  • LB200LB200 Posts: 298 Officer
    Hunted out of a 20' Hewes Light Tackle for years. With a little ingenuity you can camo the entire boat, including having a good blind. We shot a lot of ducks and got from point A to point B in a hurry! You do have to be a little careful where you run at times as there are a lot of unseen obstacles that you do not want to hit. If you really want to go there is no reason you cannot make it happen
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