Had one of the funnest days ever on the water today...

Got out on the water by 5:45 this morning... big outgoing tide all day today. Netted some moharras just in case I got lazy and wanted to fish live bait and headed off to spot 1.
15 # tarpon in boat.
15 # tarpon touched leader and he shook it as I was going to grab him
Both on white terroreyz.
bite slowed down so I headed out to deeper water... this was about 8:00 now.
Started to drift with a hogy paddle tail bouncing on the bottom and a deep running baitbuster just off the bottom. Within 10 minutes my drag starts screeeeeeming and I have what looks like a 100# or so tarpon... maybe bigger. Fought him for about 5 minutes, made it through 4 or 5 nice jumps, and he dove straight to the bottom. I got him right under the boat in 20' of water and as I was pulling him up the dang hook popped out. :willynilly
Well I had a huge grin on my face and that totally made my day so I was happy. Tried to drift some more but never hooked up again with anything but sail cats (using the moharra and also on terroreyz).
It's now about 10:30 so I head back to spot 1.
Hooked into a BIG snook, fought it for a few minutes and went to grab it and he shook one more time and spit the hook. It was a solid mid 30's snook. I was a little miffed and almost threw my rod in the water. Lol. Glad I didn't. I sat there and felt sorry for myself for a minute then got the sand out of my panties and started casting again...
I kid you not in the next hour I caught a 33" snook (got it in the boat and released it), had the biggest snook of my life try to spool me and I just couldn't stop it... saw it come to the surface once and then he was gone... had two more snook that were easily mid 30's + spit the hook after a couple of drag screaming runs... and one more snook that was every bit of 40" spit it right as he got to the boat.
Every one of these fish were caught on a white/black back terroreyz 1/4 oz.

I had so much stinkin fun today... I wish I had a go pro to relive this one over and over again.

On a side note... my new to me Penn Conflict 4000 (my first Penn reel) was great. I love the drag on it. It might be my new favorite reel... even over the Cabo, Smoke, and all my Stradics. Cheaper too, so that's always good.
Paired up with 15# power pro slick and a Calico Jack 7'6" Medium... I likes it.

Tight lines all. The girls are back in town.

Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
Captain Keith Magnussen - Crooked Rod Charters


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