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Mahi fun day 9/27

Well I started the day off debating if I should go out or not because it was blowing so hard, went back and forth till at least 10:30 am and that's when I called a buddy of mine and told him lets go fishing!!!Once he showed up we packed everything on the boat and made it to Matheson Hammocks at about 12 pm. The plan was to go out for some Mahi, and then come in and fish the edge for some Kings and Wahoo. That all changed once we could not find any pilchards around, luckily we had brought 2 packs of ballyhoo with us. So once we decided the pilchards were not going to happen we headed out Government Cut and headed straight east to encounter 4-6 footers. :grin. Well we finally made it out to about 1200 ft of water and saw a very nice current and tons of weed, so we threw out a 2 rod sprea
d just to check it out to see if there were any fish on it. After about 30 min of working the weed line we get a double header! Once we get them close to the boat we see a school of Mahi right behind them and the chaos starts! We fished the school for a bit and caught about 8 schoolies, but I was not satisfied and I told my buddy lets troll some more, there has to be some bigger fish out here. We cleaned up the boat and got the fish in the cooler and turned south and set the spread back out. After 20 min we go by a big patch of weed and the flying fish go nuts and that is when the starboard rod bends over and drag starts screaming out! I yelled at my buddy to pick up the other rod and get the boat turned around to chase the fish down. I fought the fish for 15 min and boom my buddy gafted it and the screaming began it was a nice 18lber, 44" to the fork. Once the chaos was over we cleaned up the boat, headed in and called
it a day! Sorry did not take any pics of the schoolies, they were an average of 4-5lbers. There is plenty of Mahi out there so get out there and FISH!!!

Here are the pics

Till next time
Capt. Manny Velazquez
Reel Hook'd Charters


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