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Tsala Apopka report and tournament results. 9/07/14

capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,296 Moderator
The area lakes are very warm with full pool water levels. Surface temp on Henderson was getting into the low 90's and the bites was slow. I pre-fished 2 full days in preparation of yesterdays tourney (last of the season) and could not find the bass ?
In two days of practice I didn't catch enough for ONE limit of keepers. :huh Shallow , deep and in between.
Nothing worked.

I get ready to go yesterday and my trailer lights would not work. :banghead No clue , tried all I could think of. Ended up taping some red tissue over my stern light and hoping for the best. :shrug
Lucky the lake is close and I made it with no trouble.

By 9:00 am I had 2 small fish in the well and caught a 2lber . Leaned back to slide it in the well and it flopped out of my hand ! I batted it around the deck of my flats skiff like a cat with a ball of string. It went over the side. :banghead

Can it get any worse ? Well yes , it can. Hook another on the rattletrap and SNAP.. My Falcon rod breaks on the hookset. At least I caught the bass. I've now got 3 , not 4 thanks to the escapee .

Decide to move to the edge of the pads and flip looking for a bigger bite. Got it.
Put a 4lb in the well and then another keeper. Notice they both come from under some moss that was stuck in the pads in two different spots. I'm thinking pattern !

Yep , stayed on that bank looking for moss patches and ended up culling my entire limit. At the weight in I had over 17lbs and just missed the big fish pot by 2oz with my 5.2 .

I won again ! That's 4 straight wins. :banana Three in my club and one that was a team open.

Next month I'm off to Talquin for my clubs "classic". I really blew it there last year. I hope to fix that.

Later , capt louie
"You'll get your weather"


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