Some night shots

We were in St. Augustine for the past few days, and I was able to play around with the new camera. I played around with manual mode adjusting fstops, iso, exposure times....:willynilly while taking some night shots last night at Camachee Cove. I think I was/am on the right track, but would like some constructive critcism to point me in the right direction. This is all VERY new to me. I don't have a tripod, so I had to set it where I would have a steady rest,







  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,414 AG
    Nice angle on the bridge in the last image. See of you can photoshop the electrical wire out of the image.
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  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,398 Captain
    I also like the bridge, do you have another shot about 10 minutes later so the moon is up above the streetlights?
  • redsgurlredsgurl Posts: 469 Deckhand
    All nice, the first is my favorite. Looks like you had fun.

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  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    all nice...
    i like the first one the best...

    Craig is right about the bridge shot...
    should be easy to get the power line out of the image...
    you'd have winner that way...

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  • Capt.AWCapt.AW Posts: 934 Officer
    Thanks for the positive replies! I was trying to familiarize myself with the camera more than going for substance in the photos. When I took the shot of the bridge I said to myself "this one's probably going to get ruined with the powerlines in the way" I didn't even notice the moon in it until I loaded onto the the puter. The first and the last were my two favorites as well
  • BeeferBeefer Posts: 101 Officer
    Nice shots!

    I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty to practice my mad PS skillz....
  • BeeferBeefer Posts: 101 Officer
    And I took further liberties (just don't zoom in too much):
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    ignore this
  • BeeferBeefer Posts: 101 Officer
    I did the Marina too, but I have no idea what happened with this post. ???
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