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Dock light trout/reds 9/5

Took the FIL out flipping the docks in the bay. He really isn't the most accomplished fisherman but likes to reel them in. Started the evening with popping cork and live shrimp on a 2.5 leader. My FIL kept coming up empty and so I put the thinking cap on, and came up with the leader was to long for the 1.5 to 2 foot of water we were fishing. Shorting the leader to 18in and we were in the fish. boated 18 legal trout and had a bunch of shorts. My FIL had his first run in with a red fish and I laughed the rest of the night about him not having a clue what to do with the red. It wrapped him a few times in the dock and yours truly went swimming. At the end of the day I think I enjoyed watching him more than I did catching fish.uploadfromtaptalk1410102098738.jpg


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