Boca Inlet and east winds

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I'm new to the area and was looking to go out this Friday/Saturday. The forecast calls for east winds ~9 - ~11 mph. I have a 23' walk around.

Is the Boca inlet going to be to rough? Is the ocean going to be to rough? I'm used to the LI Sound and I know 11 mph from the east is really bad but I don't know how it effects the ocean.

Fish as often as you can today, because you never know if the weather will let you tomorrow.


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    post this in the Souteast section you should get more replies
    It works 60% of the time all the time......
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    If you have East winds and an incoming tide, the wind and tide are opposing each other. This could make the inlet a little rough, however 11 mph winds won't be enough to make it dangerous for a 23 ft. boat. Once you get through the inlet, the ocean should be fairly nice.
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    Thanks guys
    Fish as often as you can today, because you never know if the weather will let you tomorrow.
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    When there is a strong E wind (15+) and a ripping outgoing tide, the waves will stack up pretty good and be breaking
    IMHO the best way to navigate that is as follows:
    Heading out, go slow and unless it is dead low, make an immediate turn to the south once you get past the rocks on the south side. At dead low, there could be some shoaling immediate to the south depending on if we have had a big storm.
    Coming in, approach the inlet from the south, within 50 feet or so of the rocks. Pause there and watch the breaking waves. If you watch closely, you will notice that after a while, they will lie down for a couple.
    Typically it is every 8-10 waves. So sit there and count a couple series and then be prepared to make your move to jump into it from the south and then turn into the inlet.
    The main thing is..don't get sideways and don't let them stack behind you if they are has happened where they will pitch-poll a boat and you don't want that for sure.
    Oh and make sure some dumb **** in a wave runner is not ripping out the inlet when you make your move!
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    Geez, just go for it. At least you tried, not like 3/4 of the guys on this forum.if you don't like it turn around, anchor in the lake, drink beer and watch the pretty girls.

    Go Navy.....
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