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SLI 9-25 Marlin!

This is a second hand report from a buddy who was out sunday. he doesn't post on the forum so I will for Him.

He and his son were trolling for BFT on the hill. We talked at church saturday night about my saturday trip. I caught some BFTs out there so he headed out early sunday morning.
They had caught 4 or 5 BFTs when they hooked another. His son (12) was "dragging" the fish in when they saw a shadow come up under it. They thought shark at first. until a bill came out of the water behind the fish. he coached his son to drop the tuna back... the marlin took the bait! when he came tight he pulled the bait away from the fish. This happened a few times. each time the marlin followed the battered tuna right up to the boat. My buddy said he had a clear view of the fish for over 2 minutes right up less than 12 feet from the boat! finally they hooked the fish! Peeled line and spit the hook.
He estimated the weight around 200 lbs. of Course that estimate was based on comparing it to the size of the sailfish we normally catch. Anyway... just wanted everyone to know... They're out there. Tight Lines!


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