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SLI 6-18-11, Golden Tile

Left bright and early with my Cousin Mike, his son and friend. Dropped lines into dead calm water at 150 ft and trolled to 750 ft, not even a knockdown. Pulled out the Deep Drop Gear, no electrics here..:R. Made 4 drops to dial in, caught a 18lbr, 7 lbr and this 28lbr. Biggest one so far for us.
Continued to troll for a while all the way to 1000 ft, turned and came in to 60 ft. Only had 1 knockdown over the hill, saw 2 free swimming sails and caught 2 Bonita. Water temp was way warm today, 87-88 degrees all the way to 1000 ft. At least we put dinner on the table.


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