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Marco South Redfish Magic.

9-21-14...After days of continuous precipitation in the tail end of last week, the forecast wasn't promising for a Sunday adventure on the water. Regardless...we are anglers and before long if we don't wrangle with something fishy tensions arise to say the least! Saturday night I packed up my fowl weather gear and advised my friends and new-comers to the 10,000 islands, (normally acquaintances of Pine Island sound) to do the same. 4:45am the next morning, awakening to the phone call of my buddy in Estero announcing "It's raining buckets up here but we are on our way down!" To much surprise though the dew of the night passed had blanketed my flats boat in the driveway, already hitched to the trusty steed, but the rain had subsided. We all departed Naples, heading south launching the boat around 7:15am, the scene silhouetted to hands waving and swatting no-see-um's and also to one of the most spectacular and primordial sunrises I have seen in quite some time. We promptly began the search for bait. After a few casts of any soft plastic jig or spoon(white or silver worked great) in the fast moving water of the early morning flood, we had a couple decent lady fish in the well for back-up. After spotting a few birds diving offshore around Turtle key we found a good mix-up of threads and pilchards, just barely big enough not to gill in my 3/8ths mesh cast net, but perfect chumming size. At the height of the incoming water movement, we selected a few favorite island points protruding into Gullivan Bay, staked out and tossed a few chummers to get things going. Within minutes we had Reds schooling around us, over-slot bulls fighting for our jigs. we were also joined by a few skittish tarpon, that were darting in and out of view snatching the baits as they frantically evade the frenzy. The reds openly accepted anything with a bronze or new penny color. The water was so clear, I could have had a few on fly if I had the need to throw anymore mayhem in the mess of the other three anglers all hooked up on bull reds. After about an hour or so we had boated 9 reds, one teeny bopper red at 14'', 5 fish between 24'' and 27'' and 3 bulls at 28'', 29'', and one of the most beautiful brilliant reds I have ever seen to finish the day off at 30'' 10lb. 10oz. We also enjoyed a mixup of species a nice size pompano and a few fun snook to keep it interesting. At the moment the tide shut down to begin the outgoing the fish did too. With red and one pompano in the cooler properly demonstrating the "Goodland relase", and all the rest moving on to fight another day, I can say with certainty that we can look forward to a very red October and fall down here in the 10,000 islands. For a little excitement check out our day here...http://vimeo.com/106771870


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