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Key Largo 9/18 and 20th

Dolphin were abundant about 10-17 miles off key largo. The ocean was glass and and no one around to compete against. The edge of the stream was clearly visible in these condition, it we really interesting to see so defined.. The first double hookup came on weed with a lot of activity in the area bait and birds.
the second hookup was under a large palm tree log. The third hook up session was around another patch of heavy and scattered weed and porpoise and included a blackfin. We let the small Keeper dolphin go.

On Saturday I tried to repeat but with just my 6 year old but the conditions were just to choppy for my 18 foot boat.
We trolled the reef and picked up a nice 34 inch grouper and a jack. Not sure what kind.
I will upload picks once I figure out how.


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