Best lunch break ever!

So on my 30 minute lunch break today I decided to skip eating and go try and catch a snook. I am in the Port Charlotte/north port area. When I puller up another guy named bill pulled in behind me. Awesome guy. I really hope I get to see him again, I wish I would have got his number. So he and I went down to this super small spot and killed the snook. I caught 6 snook in 30 minutes. He got 3 or 4, one was a monster. And another he got was pushing 40 easy. I got one slot snook coming in at 31.5 inches. the rest were 27, 22, 23, and some teens. Great 30 minuets of fishing, and hopefully bill is on here and reads this, I'd love to go fishing with him again. Heres some pics for yall.


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