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Plumbing and electrical recommendations for Key Largo

Looking for a electrician and plumber to do a few minor repairs on the new weekend place we just purchased in Key Largo. Small jobs, but need to be done to make the place "right". Thanks in advance for the info.


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Elec----> Wire Nuts
    Plumber---> Bayside Plumbing

    Both do quality work and I have used them both many times over the last 20 months that we have been fixing our own KL fixer-upper.

    Also, I found a gold mine for other jobs in Ensign Construction in KL. Eris is from Detroit so he and his gang (small company that loves smaller jobs) have a 'Midwest work ethic'. They do small jobs up to million $ homes. They built one for singer Aretha Franklin in Detroit.


    Getting work 'done' can sometimes be a challenge in the Keys. Some won't show up, some don't show up for estimates, some will look at your project, promise an estimate and then never get back to you. Some take 3-4 months to finish a 2 week project! Two companies put me through that hell and I'll never deal with them again! The people I have Recd above are great to work with.

    If you think you might need tile, landscape, paint or cabinet work, storm shutters, furniture or anything else, let me know. I can steer you towards or away from people. I did get lots of great Recs here when we started nearly two years ago so I'm always happy to pass on that favor!
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    X2 on Wire Nuts
  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 1,099 Officer
    Thanks for the recommendations. Will definitely give these people a go. Need to get the place done so I can go fishing!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    CaptJ wrote: »
    Need to get the place done so I can go fishing!

    That's what I keep telling myself after 22 months of 'projects'!
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