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2 Grass Carp

2 grass carp caught. One somehow got foulhooked in the back. My little brother brought him in on 10lb test on 7ft medium rod and revo s30 spinning reel. Measured in at 42in length and 21in girth. Mine ate a piece of expired potato bread. Brought him in on 8lb test on a 6ft rod and bass pro viper spinning reel. Measured in at 41in length and 24in girth. Both fish were fought for less than 15 minutes and safely released.

14945120829_cd25e983a9_b.jpgIMG_20140811_170224 copy 2 by tchu031, on Flickr
14945246628_a2b268067d_b.jpgIMG_20140811_165901 copy 2 by tchu031, on Flickr14945165900_c2efaaa358_b.jpgIMG_20140811_170126 copy by tchu031, on Flickr14945108359_9db152cfcd_b.jpgIMG_20140829_192806 copy by tchu031, on Flickr15131428802_0e6cb6c651_b.jpgIMG_20140829_192754 copy by tchu031, on Flickr14945154430_b9e5bd866f_b.jpgIMG_20140829_192819 copy by tchu031, on Flickr


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