Minkota trouble shooting

Swamp SkiffSwamp Skiff Posts: 17 Greenhorn
I have an ancient by today's standards (8+ years old) #55 transom mount five speed Riptide. It cost me $140-160 new so that will tell you something. It died on me yesterday. I was pushed up onto a sand bar and the prop was stopped. I've done that or something similar about 3722 or so times, nothing new there. It was immediately apparent that there was a problem as there is no longer any movement of the prop regardless of switch position. Luckily I did not have to poll the boat far till I could use the main motor. I'm planning on upgrading to a #55 Ipilot within the year, but I have other financial obligations for now. The problem is that at $60/hr this motor is old enough that the repair bill is going to cost more than the motor is worth (plus I'd rather put the money toward the new one). So I'll work on it myself. I've opened up the head for a cursory check for corrosion, loose connection, obvious signs of overheating etc. No joy. Is there a way to temporarily hard wire the lower unit to test it? If the lower unit checks out it has to be the main switch or electronics in the lower unit (are there any?). It is actually a pretty simple motor because it does not have all of the electronic bells and whistles so it should not be too tough to figure out the problem and determine if it is worth fixing. Anyone ever do this or are there any techs willing to help trouble shoot? While I'm not an electronics wizard I do know how to use a multi-meter etc. Thanks


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    Try pulling the prop off, there should be a pin behind it that may be broken.
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    There should be a black and red wire in the head that you can hook directly to a battery briefly to see if the motor runs. May be this will help.


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    Thanks RedRoper, the shear pin seems to be fine. I checked to see if the shaft rotated with the prop while I was still on the water. Busted one once before and I should still have a spare in my boat box from that joyous occasion.

    Snookafinity, Thanks very helpful. My version is old enough that it does not have any kind of motherboard (or proto-motherboard) like the Extreme does. But that web page does have a 5 speed solid state switch like the one I have. At $20 I'll be very happy if that is all it takes.

    I did not have a chance to get out and mess with it yesterday, power went out right at dark. I should get a chance to look at it today.
  • RedRoperRedRoper Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    My troller has magnets behind the motor, if yours has them also they might be busted. If you pull the to long screws out (behind the prop) you should be able to take the whole motor off and take a look at everything. Just a thought, good luck.
  • Swamp SkiffSwamp Skiff Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Well it turns out that it is the switch. I remembered that I had an older 40# thrust motor that had physical damage to the head cowling but everything else works fine. I pulled the switch out of it and replaced the faulty one. The replacement switch is five forward and three backwards as compared to five forward and five back but it worked well enough to test the motor. I'll order the correct switch and I should be good to go. Thank you for the help and suggestions.
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