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Bass and Dragonflies????

Went to a local lake and the bass were crushing dragonflies, we'll into mid morning..... I threw a few hula poppers and had one bass hit it instantly but he came unglued. No more hits but they kept nailing Dragonflies around...is there any top waters that are softer that can resemble a dragonfly pattern. too bad I don't know fly fishing

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  • red owlred owl Posts: 671 Officer
    Not that I know of, you just about have to use a fly rod. Not that hard to do and for bass you can get away with an inexpensive outfit.
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,546 Captain
    Fly rod is the best, but they used make a clear float that you could tie on your spinning outfit. Then add a 36" leader to tie your fly to. I always used a fly rod but the other system is something to think about.

    One time my Nephew and I were going out of Tedder's fish camp in Deleon Springs. I let him drive the boat down river at idle speed. I set up front and watched the water. I see a big Dragonfly upside down on the water and it's fluttering like crazy. Just as the boat is about run him over, a big mouth comes to the surface and sucks him under. Big, I mean really big Bass had herself a snack.
  • a little knotsa little knots Posts: 1,222 Officer

    There are several of these types of lures out there !!!
    This is just one BUT ... the better one ! From what im
    told !!!
    Btw .. fly fishing is not that hard just takes some practice !
    An a little patience !!:wink

    Hope this helps ......
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,162 Moderator
    That's a cool thing to witness. I was playing golf and was watching a dragonfly hover about 4' over a pond. Small bass rocketed up and almost grabbed it mid air ! I turned and seen my partner had been watching the same dragonfly. We were amazed.
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  • LilJimLilJim Posts: 255 Deckhand
    I'm actually in the process of editing a go pro video of this exact scenario while I was in Maine. I found that they love small black foam poppers (flies) and the smallest frog you can throw (pad crasher jr.)
  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Deckhand
    They look like 4-5 lb mullet... thank Lil Jim
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  • cuckoocuckoo Posts: 109 Deckhand
    Knew I had seen it some where and thought it had been a product endorsed by Roland Martin... His was the Helicopter Lure. But you asked for it. The hottest fishing product developed today. Buy yours now as they are flying off the shelves at only $19.95... But wait! Order now and receive not one but TWO Of the Original Hover Lures to catch that 10 lb. trophy bass you have been waiting for!:grin
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,162 Moderator
    LOL , hover lure .. :grin
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  • middleburg anglermiddleburg angler Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    The bass in my area LOVE the dragonflies! I'll swim some jigs or a fluke and they just swim on by! I have thought about trying to create one myself with a skinny wooden dowel or some other idea, maybe pipe cleaners? I'll post on the forum if I can come up with something that works. Failure is not an option! Any ideas what could be used for wings?
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,546 Captain
    To me a big popper or slider looks some what like a Dragon fly on the water. Just twitch them to give that Dragonfly look.
  • red owlred owl Posts: 671 Officer
    Not to push the fly fishing but at least years ago BEFORE a BASS MASTERS event a lot of guys got together and had a "Fly Rod day" so all those guys with the boats and bells and whistles also use fly rods. One big advantage on the fly rod is you can place a fly very lightly on the water and then pick up the line with a roll cast to get it into the air and then back cast and lay the line down softly some place else. Today most water is highly pressured and you need all the help you can get. The fly line permits you to fish areas that would otherwise be off limits because you would either snag your lure on every cast or retrieving through floating salad would disturb the area too much. I've had guys who were "Fly Rod Purists"- they'd fish with nothing else and when I tried to teach them to thumb a bait casting reel they couldn't do it. So...don't think you can't handle a fly rod. One other point, I've done some salmon fishing up North, big 20 pound fish and run and jump and on those fish a #8 wt rod and $50 reel handled them okay so once again don't think you need to spend a huge amount of $$$. I'd search the net for a used #8wt, 9' rod and then get a Cortland or Cabela's reel for around $50. It ought to work fine for bass and light salt water.
    Now, just to be clear on things, for nearly all bass fishing I use a bait casting reel. That reel and bass fishing go hand in hand. You can cast accurately and have the lure stop on a dime. In fighting a fish the reel is on top of the rod. The fly rod is for that unusual situation and I only use one occasionally. Sometimes if I think finesse fishing is best I might use a spinning rod for small lures, etc. but the bait casting reel is my favorite.
  • jeepsterjeepster Posts: 105 Officer
    several companies make plastic lures that somewhat resemble a dragon fly......Yamamoto prolly makes the best imitation, but yu hafta add your own coating to make it float somewhat on a small wire hook...but even with those , the bass seem to want one that will hover over the water...now if yu can invent that ..I would be happy to back you....this time of the year if you have much vegetation around the
    waters edge, it truly look like a school of mullet are frolicking and occassionallly you will get the alligator splash when a double digit
    LMB takes a swipe at one...( and then you hafta check your pacemaker....lol
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