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Wild chase in WPB this morning

Saw this go down in WPB this morning. I was going to the camera shop on Clematis and looking for a place to park. Turn down Rosemary and see a few spots on the opposite side of the street. I go down a block on Rosemary by the parking garage to whip a U turn. Didnt quite make the U and had to back up a little blocking the street. Look in the rearview mirror and see/hear this guy in a red SVU skidding around the corner and hear sirens close by. The guy whips around the corner like he is going to pass me on the wrong side of the road so i stop not wanting to get hit.

He must have thought I was a cop blocking the road, He slams on the breaks and bails into the bushes. Seconds later the cops arrive and i point to the bushes. He was trying to get into the jury duty parking garage but the bottom level is fenced off from the street. PD was johnny on the spot and caught him quickly. There was a lot of damage to the front and driver side of his SUV so i'm thinking it was a simple hit and run. There must have been 6 - 8 marked/unmarked cars on him within 30 seconds of bailing. I'm thinking **** thats pretty impressive response time. Turns out they had been chasing him from Palm Beach. Nice job WPPD!

Note to self.... camera shop doesnt open until 10 so i ended up going home.



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