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9-27 Boynton Frustrating Adventure!!!!!!

Got up yesterday 9/26 at 5:30am with plans to go fishing. I'm in the garage, getting bait and ice out of my freezer when I start hearing thunder. I go in and look out over the dock and see lightning over the ocean, so I decided to wait it out. It kept raining until about 11am - by then I had started changing old hooks on my lures. So I stayed in - of course it didn't rain again all day and the ocean seemed pretty calm on my trip to the tackle store.

So I planned to go again this morning - rain or shine. It looked a bit overcast over the ocean in the morning but I hoped it would move off.

Here's what it looked like over the ocean from my dock - to go or not to go....


I load up the boat and off I go solo and clear the inlet around 7:30am - didn't seem too bad - a bit bumpy with a few bigger ones mixed in.


It was very dirty inside with a lot of scattered weeds - making it impossible to troll. I check the radar and although there's a lot of clouds offshore, no rain appeared on the screen - so I head off ESE. I dropped a couple of lines in around 300'.


Scattered weeds all the way to about 500'. Around 580' I see something.....

Can you see it?


Can you see it now???


I see this frigate bird circling high but boy did it look cloudy that way... I head there anyway and to my delight I spot a boulder-sized piece of foam that's encrusted with barnacles. Two lines get tight and all of a sudden the wind picked up out of nowhere, the heavens opened up and the rain was hitting my face like bullets. The seas were 5'-7'. Stayed at the helm dragging two fish and went through this mini storm. Once I felt safe to leave the helm, I put the autopilot on, and pulled in a small BFT and a lesser amberjack (18" btw). I turned around and looked for that foam for about an hour. Just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. It was probably up by Palm Beach now... :banghead ... and I had a livewell full of finger mullet just for this. I don't normally use live bait, but today I wanted to give it a go -- and that was exactly what I was looking for.

I turned and headed further east and found some more scattered weeds around 700' - kept going to about 950' and found a weed line - not big - but well defined.


Worked it for a bit and pulled a keeper dolphin. But I just couldn't get that bird and foam out of my head. It's about 11am now - I decide to head closer in hoping some of those scattered weeds may have formed a mat -- no such luck. But there was a nice rainbow on the way in.


I go all the way inshore thinking I would try for a king - I was up by the pier, when the planer trips and yields a small cuda. I zig zag south towards the inlet between 80' - 250' and decide to drop a live bait on the skycliffe. The current was about 3 knots - I made three passes and despite using the motors against the current to keep the bait down, didn't get any takers.

It was getting bouncy again - 3'-4' seas and I could see lightning behind the Ritz.


I picked up and ran inside and beat the storm home which seemed to stay a bit north of me anyway.


Back at the dock - not the greatest catch - but dinner nonetheless.


I had tuna sashimi tonight!!!!


There's always tomorrow - I'll be dreaming about that frigate bird tonight - I wonder what else was under that........


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