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Mullet Lake and Lemon Bluff

Took a break from the Indian River to get back on the freshwaterrrr. The high water is normally not really good fishing for me but I "sorta-thought-I-might-have" figured out a way to get'em in the combo of Summer and Flooded water.

Basically Flats fishing like in the IRL, poling around in the flooded cow pastures and throwing near moving grass/shrubs. It was productive two years ago when we had it HIGH/Flooded with Mann's Floating Snakes, Live Target Mouse and Frogs. I had the best luck with Moccasin Colored Snakes.

The water is up over the edges but not really high enough to get in to so I hit the edges (like working Double shorelines) with a Snake and buzz bait while my wife threw a frog along with a Silver Spoon. My fishing bud was working Small Topwater Plastic, Spinner's and a Rattle Trap. Found some "Great feeling" grass but no bites. River seemed void of life today, like everyone was sleeping-in with a "MoonHangover". Gonna reload and hit'em again in the morning. Skunk today!
When Practice meets opportunity, Set-The-Hook!


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