Repowering aluminum 20' Crestliner - which 4 stroke?

ProYakProYak Posts: 297 Officer
I'm seeking advice on motor size/make/model to push this 20' tinny 5 miles offshore against the Gulfstream and a bit of breeze on 'good days' :)

Hull speed is sufficiently fast as I intend to troll out and back. Would a Yamaha T9.9 (high thrust) get me back if the wind picked up to 15 knots? I've seen a used Yamaha T50 (high thrust) for sale but I'm wondering if it might be over-kill since hull speed is all I require. Thoughts?
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  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,353 Moderator
    your better off with the 50, remember if it kicks up, your basically trying to drive uphill. A 9.9 will not be able to give you much in the way of control if things get dicey.

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