Minn Kota Riptide 80 ST

dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
Hey y'all,
I've been having an intermittent wiring problem with the power cable on my trolling motor. I fixed that but last time out, I would turn on the motor with my remote, but it would shut down after a couple seconds. It's a 24v system, so I'm thinking one of my Optima batteries has gone bad on me. Batteries meter okay, but I'm going to pull them and have them load tested. Anyone ever had a similar issue and if so how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance for your input.


  • yellowdogyellowdog Posts: 150 Deckhand
    My old one did this too. Once it was due to corrosion on the male/female connectors. That one was pretty simple. The last one was a pain. It was in the connections under the cover where the mother board is. I could take the cover off, make sure all the wires were pushed snuggly onto their connecting pins and it would run great. Put the cover back on and it would cut out intermittently! I tried this several times it would do it every time. I never could figure it out. It was around 6 years old, so I bought a new one and kept the old one as a backup. It had the mother board replaced several times and I fished it pretty hard. I tried replacing the connections, but never did fix the problem. I know this isn't an answer, but maybe start there. Good luck.
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