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Bait balls off Stuart

My brother's in town so we headed out today after quickly loading the livewell with finger mullet after one toss of the castnet. Went offshore and started working a color change in 85', but nobody was home. Rain and big storms started popping up all around us so we were pretty much obligated to troll south from where we were for a while. Seas got nasty but we made it down near the Loran Tower and I started pushing offshore where we consistently started banging away at blackfin tuna between 140'-220'. After catching and releasing about 15 blackfins or so and the seas started settling down, we worked our way northwest and in the distance I spotted the holy grail... 7 frigate birds going crazy over some tunas that were busting.

We passed by twice hooking a two separate double headers of nice blackfins around 10 lbs. It didn't take long to realize the frigates were on a big bait ball (Nat Geo stuff). We cleared the trolling spread and we pulled up to pitch live mullet on spinners. We saw blackfins, sailfish cutting through the baits quickly, and there were also some toothy critters feeding in it as well as we had two cut-offs after brief fights. I completely blew a hookup on a sail when he exploded on the surface as I tried to come tight on him, then casted to a couple other sails that showed no love. It was a sight I haven't seen since working the sailfish seasons down in Isla Mujares, Mexico back in the late 90's. VERY cool to just observe and a great experiance to share with my brother.


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