Garmin customer service

:applauseIn june 2006 i purchased a Garmin 3210 GPS love the screen size..After having it for few months i deicided to grt the sounder module GSD21 from day one some thing was not right.worked with customer service to many times to count did all they suggested still same problem..It would lose SONAR then knock off GPS reboot and it may work for 15 min to 8 hrs..
at no charge

new GSD21
new GSD power cable
new update chips
up till know i lived with the problem,on a lark i called today 20011 tech rep was friendly and understanding she looked up my file and what has been done so far..At this point i am way out of warranty!! she noticed that the main power cord was not replaced asked if address was the same i said yes..At this point i am waiting for her to ask a card number for me an order no. sorry for the problem it will be shipped out NC..:applause


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