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Had my saragosa 10k F break down landing a 15lb almaco back in July(have had for a little over a year, used 12-15 times max, never dunked, etc.). It seems the anti reverse went and when the handle was spun backwards the spool actually went up and down. On top of this the handle could not be removed from the body of the reel.

I have a bunch of spheros models, 4 8000 FBs and 2 14000 FBs and have never experienced this problem before, even though two of the 8000's have been used for jigging and I've had them far longer than the saragosa. I went ahead and sent the reel back to shimano who said they fix the reel for free if it's manufacturer defect or charge $25 plus additional fees for parts which would I would be notified about before proceeding with the repairs. Long story short, I received zero communication from shimano after they received my reel(no email, etc) to when they charged my credit card and shipped back to me. Upon checking my credit card I noticed they charged me $65.

I called them up and the guy said they charged me for the service fee plus parts for a pinion gear, something else, and a bunch of bearings they replaced for free. At this point I kinda starting getting pushy asking him how my pinion gear had failed when I've never opened the reel up and it sounded to me that it was a manufacturer defect, not lack of care or abuse. Threw in the fact that I own half a dozen other shimano reels that have never experienced this which are far older and he proceeded to feed me BS about there's a lack of notes on the repair, he's not in the office, etc. He offered to have a tech call me but of course this tech never did call back.

Just looking for some input with anyone that has experience with this. First off, this reel was $250 and is supposed to be shimanos 'poor mans' stella. It shouldn't have failed the way it did. Secondly, the fact that they needed to replace a bunch of bearings makes me feel like there was a defect in the reel that allowed water in since day one, even though I never dunked it. Lastly, their site says they inform of any additional fees that may be incurred, before they are incurred, which I was never notified of.

Planning to call them back up on Tuesday and give them hell again but not sure how much that will do at this point. My biggest thing is I bought one of their flagship reels and now they won't even stand behind their product. Kinda feeling like I should jump ship to another reel manufacturer at this point.


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    First off, there seems to be a common issue with the Gosa and the gears being stripped. Seen 3 10k (1 personally and 2 from a friends)sent in for unusually high play on the handle which turns out to be the pinion gears being stripped. Not sure whats up but the infamous 8k body with the wider/deeper spools seems too have the most issues. With that being said I just sent in my Torsa for a tune-up just a month ago and they sent it back within 2 days (platinum warranty). Both times I've used Shimano, charges were made to the card without authorization, which can be frustrating. Silver lining, most of the bearings were replaced for free, even the pinion and main gears for the Torsa and both were out of warranty, coming out to <$50.

    BTW in no way do I feel like gosas = poor mans stella, at least the F model
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    So it seems like a design flaw with the reel that can surface based on use. I have the new 10k SW for my jigging rod and so far it's really nice. Was planning to upgrade gradually to replace the rest of my reels with the new gosas but if they won't give on fixing common issues with their reels I'd rather switch companies.
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    For deep jigging with spin, can't go wrong with one of those big Fin Nors. (Don't know if they will handle braid) Plenty of capacity, smooth drag, although probably not as smooth as a high end Shimano, right out of the box. And best of all, less than half the price of the Saragosa.

    Shimanos are nice reels, no doubt....but Shimano is very proud of them to be sure. I have come to find that often there are "as good" reels out there, like the new Penns, that will do the job just fine, for much less cash outlay.
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    I sent my Baitrunner in a few years back to Shimano and they told me the same thing.They will contact me before any repair made on the reel and make sure I will authorize the charges.I am most sure what they did but I had to pay 65$ service fee on a 99$ reel.I was very upset and called Shimano.The guy I was talking to told me that if I don't want the reel he would take it from me.I gave him my pice of mind and since then I did not even bother to send anything to them.I just go to a local bait shop for repairs.
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    Just dispute the cc payment as unauthorized.
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    I have had great service from Shimano, but so far it's been mostly Platinum Service on my Torsas & Stellas... I own 3 Saragosa 10kFs & if I had that same experience that you describe it would certainly rub me the wrong way too... I wonder if Shimano has decided to not only stop all lifetime warranties but also stop giving the excellent customer service they have provided in the past ???
    Any reason you didn't post this on the Shimano forum here ?
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  • I was unaware of the shimano forum on FS. I'll go ahead and link this there. Thanks for the info.

    And yea, rubbed the wrong way pretty much describes it. I gave the tech another day yesterday to call me back since it was a 3 day weekend but nothing. I just don't understand how I could have six spheros FBs which are older, landed way more fish, both jigging and non jigging, and shouldn't be as protected from salt water as the saragosa yet non of them have experienced pinion gear failure.
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    Just dispute the cc payment as unauthorized.

    I'll do that if I talk to Shimano again and I get the feel they really don't care. I'll also be selling off the reel I get back from them and the new 10k gosa I just picked up and replace it with a company that stands behind their product. If you spend $250-300 on a reel you shouldn't have to worry about service fees or replacement parts for 3 years. Otherwise why would I pay that much? I'd just pick up something in the $150 price range and replace it every two years. I have 3 years on (4) 8000 spheros FBs and I think 2-3 need to be rebuilt or replaced, but its fine because I paid like $130 for them. I got my monies worth and also beat the hell out of them. The gosa I've had for a little more than a year, used it way less and actually took care of it and it gets the failure.
  • Got the reel back today. Repair work done includes replacing a pinion gear and drive gear along with two ball bearings. Notes said they cleaned and serviced the real along with replacing the parts. The best part is now every two cranks of the handle you can hear something rub. Never had that noise prior to sending it to them(prior to reel blowing up at least).
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    Ouch. You want me to move this thread to the Shimano forum for you?
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    I had the same problem with my gosa, clicking every two few cranks. I noticed that my handle would hit the bail wire every few turn of the handle. check the opposite side of the handle knob to see if the bail is rubbing the handle. The bail wire is pretty flexible so it could have easily been bent. Bent the wire a few degrees and it is fine every since. Be careful to not bent it too much, it will cause a weird weight balance issue. Let me know if this helps
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    One of my 'gosa 10kFs has that bail wire hitting handle issue, but I wasn't sure how to bend the bail to correct it ?
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    I cracked the bail arm frame on my Stradic while using a 10oz vertical jig. A metal piece actually fell out. I sent it to Shimano and it took over a month. They replaced the upper housing piece and a half moon washer piece, but only charged me $20 for the service.

    I don't think any reels are waterproof, except maybe the drag assembly. If you get splash on it, water gets in. I dunk my reels in freshwater after every trip. I open them up every once in a while to replace dried up grease. None of this would cause a reel to blow up without warning though.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe there was so much damage done to the reel that the tech thought you were doing something crazy with it? The one time I talked in detail with customer service was with Bushmaster and they said "If I can identify the point of failure and it looks like a defect then we replace under warranty. If it looks like you drove over it with a truck, then you pay for repairs."
  • I talked to them again yesterday. They first gave me the run around explaining it was up to the tech to charge for parts depending on the reels condition but after I explained I own half a dozen other shimano reels (all spheros FBs) that have never had this problem, are older, etc. etc. and that the reel they sent back makes a slight rubbing noise every two cranks he called the tech. The tech of course couldn't produce any documentation so the rep said he would refund the money for the parts but keep the service charge which is totally fair since it's past the 1 year warranty.

    He also wants me to send my reel back with a prepaid shipping label directly to him so they can fix it right. He said it'll be in and out of the shop in a day(vs the normal time which is 3-4 weeks) and the longest wait will be the shipping. The prepaid shipping is ground of course so I'm looking at 2-3 weeks of being out a reel again. Comparing the handle play of the F model to my SW model, they're roughly the same. The Spheros FBs have zero handle play compared to the saragosas and I'm guessing the noise I hear on the F every two cranks is a bearing that should have been replaced. So I'm kinda on the fence about being out of my reel again for 3 weeks or just sucking it up and getting it fixed down the road if something else breaks.
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    Capt, I send my reels to Frank at Capt Harry's in Miami as they are an authorized Shimano dealer. Guy does wonders on reels that others on this forum have tried and screwed up fixing. Shipping, repair, etc are much faster than sending out to Cali. Give him a call to discuss. Good at what he does!!
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  • Thanks for the tip. I actually took some of my other reels to a local guy who I'm pretty sure ruined them. I need two of mine serviced soon so I'll look him up.
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    +1 for Captain Harry's services. They fixed my Penn Battle but I haven't taken any Shimano reels to them yet.
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    davederb wrote: »
    Capt, I send my reels to Frank at Capt Harry's in Miami as they are an authorized Shimano dealer. Guy does wonders on reels that others on this forum have tried and screwed up fixing. Shipping, repair, etc are much faster than sending out to Cali. Give him a call to discuss. Good at what he does!!

    They are listed as an authorized dealer, but they won't work on warranty claims at all. I had 2 reels under warranty that had to go to Penn and Shimano respectively. I will try them when my reels are not under warranty next time. It's a good idea to service your reels "before" they fail on you. Just some maintenance.
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    I am another unhappy Shimano customer. I own 2-3 dozen or so Shimano reels ranging fromTiagra to Stella. I bought Stella because I believed it was a great spinner and had the Platinum service guarantee (quick turn around time). I had a Stella 4000 spinner that was not as smooth as it should be. I packaged and mailed it to Shimano along with a note explaining the issue. I received the reel about a week later with no note, no invoice, nothing but an untouched (not serviced) reel. I then called Shimano to ask why they returned the reel without performing any service. I was told the reel was a little more than 5 years of age and was no longer supported. If I had known this was Shimano's policy, I would have never bought a single Stella, let alone a dozen of them. I am now purchasing other brands other than Shimano. They lost me as a customer for fishing feels, fishing rods and bicycle equipment.
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    I have to find some where to send my tyrnos 16II it needs to be fully rebuilt skips when reeling and when drag is applied some times doesn't want to reel. I was going to send it to shimano but after reading this I'm not sure about that

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