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Hillsboro Beach Wednesday 9/28/11 Dolphin, Skipjack and something big and lost.

Left the inlet with Gerard about 7 AM and ran right out to 850'. No weeds to speak but the current looked interesting in a few places. At about 900' started catching small skipjack, one worth keeping. Something big hit the way back lure and screamed out line but after I got tight and held on it bit through the 150# flouro leader and took the lure. Wahoo I guess. Headed out further to 1200-1500' feet and picked up three dolphin, one half way decent - picture attached. On the way in saw a weedy place in about 800' and nabbed another dolphin. None of the dolphin had friends with them as far as we could tell. We also caught a small Almaco Jack on a rattletrap in about 1200' which was a surprise.

It looked like it was going to get rough (it did not) so we headed back in. Lost a small dolphin just outside the inlet in about 190'.

Beautiful day on the water.

Joe G.
Lighthouse Point


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