Ft Myers/Cape Fly Shops?

ifitswimsifitswims Posts: 176 Deckhand
Are there any shops around Cape or close in, in Fort? Thx.

I went over to Sanibel and went to Norm's. Nice fellow and cool shop but not my cup of tea.


  • RobARobA Posts: 55 Deckhand
    Lehr's in north fort myers sells flies, rods, and reels. Their selection of tying materials is pretty weak.

    I may be wrong but i believe the closest dedicated fly shop (other than norm's) is mangrove outfitters in Naples. It's has everything you'd ever want.
  • ifitswimsifitswims Posts: 176 Deckhand
    Thanks Willy, I reckon we are just red headed step children down here.
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