Biscayne Bay Permit

waterbobwaterbob Posts: 25 Greenhorn
Howdy NMZ Forum. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I've had some time recently to mess around with some videos and thought I'd try posting one here. Caught this nice little permit in South Biscayne Bay back in July. Thought I might be casting to some bones pushing water, but was pleasantly surprised with my first permit from a paddle craft. Actually haven't been seeing many bones down that way recently, except for one I got around New Years. Still my favorite place to fish; hopefully a Biscayne redfish is next!

Hope I'm doing this right:


  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    Great catch, good luck with the redfish.
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain
    Nice work.
  • waterbobwaterbob Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Great catch, good luck with the redfish.

    Thanks, I know the reds are down there (You Tube has the proof), but I have a hunch they are further south than where I typically fish, which is between Chapman Field and Black Point.

    Overall, fishing has been slow for me since that permit, unless you count the Gaff Topsails I caught over in Captiva, one of which managed to put a hole in my inflatable SUP! That's all patched now and I just got my warranty replacement Versa Board from Adventure Times, now I just need to find some hungry fish (even the bass in my lake have had near lock jaw) Bring on cooler weather!
  • Nickipod98Nickipod98 Posts: 277 Officer
    Nice fish what bait did you use ? Live shrimp?
    boatless for now
  • inshore daveinshore dave Posts: 554 Officer
    Nice catch. Congrats!! I need to bring the PA down south for some fishing.
    2014 Hobie PA14-Dune
  • waterbobwaterbob Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Nickipod98 wrote: »
    Nice fish what bait did you use ? Live shrimp?

    A Gulp crab on a jig head.
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